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My brother and his friends like to write “cock” in various places, then trick others into seeing it. It’s a game, and Dan Harmon just helped me win the game forever by signing this book for my brother. (Erin helped by drawing the world’s most adorable penis.)

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Recent pictures of the Harmon Country cast.

Hey, I am in this!

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Boyfriend and I got Pokémon Black and White 2 today. His trainer is named Dipper and mine is Mabel. My Tepig is nicknamed Waddles. That is all.

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I wore my Annie Edison dress and sweater combo today, but I added my hipster glasses to become Annie Kim.

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#fashionfriday (Taken with Instagram)

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I hope this happens. I love these ladies.

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Finkle is flawless. (Taken with Instagram)

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Sara is confused about whether or not she misses me…. (Taken with Instagram)

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